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elforyn is a high-grade ivory substitute material thathas a high mineral content.

The aim was to promote environmental sustainabilityand develop a material that would

as closely as possible resemble ivory. elforyn can be processed like natural ivory,

i.e. carved, turned, milled etc.

elforyn is more than 89% similar to ivory; it was possible to reproduce

all the typical characteristics of ivory. elforyn is fluorescent in black light...

...elforyn enchants and enhances .


The key characteristics of elforyn are:

-  excellent mechanical machinability in terms of drilling, milling and polishing,
- minimal risk of breakage due to high E-modulus and homogenous structural composition,
- superior surface properties thanks to surface hardness and minimal abrasion loss, fluorescent,

- resistant to all standart substance such as cleaning agents, oils, fats, weak to

   medium-strenght acids and alkalis,

- little or no water absorption - hydrolysis-stable,
-  can be thermo-formed in boiling water,
-  can be polished and lacquer-coated to produce shiny or matt surfaces,
   possibility of creating translucent and fluorescent effects,
- pleasant feel thanks to good thermal characteristics,
- potential to supply pre-forms to reduce waste.

Technical properties

-     Density                       (DIN EN ISO 845)       1600    kg/m│

-     Hardness Shore D            (DIN 53505-D)            87  

-     Tensile strength            (DIN EN ISO 527)        50,5    N/mm▓

-     Elongation at break        (DIN EN ISO 527)       14,2    %

-     Bending strength b-4%    (DIN EN ISO 178)           93    N/mm▓

-     Bending E-modulus        (DIN EN ISO 178)        2495    N/mm▓